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Has anyone ever had any near death experiences?

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OFFLINE   Alaska


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it isn't really a near death, but i passed out and in my mind an image appeared, it was like i was moving closer to it, so that was random.

OFFLINE   eccles



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    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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    Innocent Eyes
  • In September 1999 I could feel myself having a heart attack. I rang for an ambulance. I remember the ambulance going up the ramp to the A & E at the Gold Coast Hospital. Next thing I remember was lying on a gurney in a bath of sweat looking up at the gorgeous nurses and doctors who had defribulated me back to life. They told me I had died.
  • I had NO Near Death Experiences. Science has proved now that NDE's are caused by an imbalance of the chemicals in the brain as it is being starved of blood. That causes hallucinations leading people, especially those who are religious thinking they are seeing tunnels with lights at the end.
  • I used to be a Roman Catholic, but my study of Science convinced me there is no God, no "Afterlife" and no "Supernatural".I am now an Atheist.

Robert Tobin

OFFLINE   Michaela


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    Innocent Eyes
When I was younger (Maybe 6 or 7) I had been out for the day, with my mum, her friend and her daughter. When we were driving home on the motorway it was starting to get dark. Anyway, we're going down at 70, and all of a sudden a car comes into view that has just been abandoned on the road. Somehow my friends mum stopped but there was a coach right behind us. Luckily the coach driver managed to swirve and stop, but the police officer told us that had he not, we would have all been dead.

Not quite near death, but, on the day of the London bombings I should have gone to work with my uncle for work experience. It was only at the last minute I decided not too, otherwise I would have been on one of the trains with the bombs.

OFFLINE   Tj_pinkgurl


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I wouldn't know where to start :P

All that you see is me, and all I truly believe, that I was born to try,

I’ve learned to love, be understanding and believe in life, but you’ve got to make choices,

be wrong or right, sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice the things you like, but I was born to try.


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