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Thankyou Gardern City Westfields Delta Sings

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G day Delta i'm one of your dearest fans!!! frances finaly here to thankyou very much for commin to Westfields to sing and lest hit Sittin on top of the World i love it delta its you all over !!! now you don't now me but i'm the one who by chance meet your lovely mother Lee!!! that thurday night a t 6pm everyone was there in Gardern City food cort to see your perform your new song!!! you sing like an Angle deta i loved you on stage your my insprational now i'm runnin out of time on this library computer Congratulations on The Voice i'm lovin it especially with Keith and You i love you both seal and joe are funny lovely to but not like you or keith now the gifts i gave green breclet to you and cards and Country Slim Dusty cd's for keith i also brougnt your gorgeous cover to cd settin on top of the world !!!! one day you well autgraph it for me haaa mate but anyhow the giftes your mum lee is beautiful woman ever so was so very delightfull to talk to i explained everything to her mate and very sorry on proper papper giftes packeage i had no time commin very late to the show !!! but the man think was that God works in mesterious ways delta you see i meet a lovely lady at petre station on the first night the voice was commin on sunday the 15th april its a long story i was lost in the area wishin to see a country show at the petre markest so returned back that late afteroon and this lady her name was mandy she looked exatly like you delta i said to her speakin while both watin for the train you must be my angle!!! the descussion was all about me bein lost in this bush land area and i throught God must have sent me an Angle to proctet me back to brisbane thats funny do you understand mate its like a message!!! will let me tell you mandy was on her way to sing in a church christren City church bown hills you may no of it mate!!!! she was then tellin me on the train we got on together that her grandmother and mother sing to so its in the family beautiful girl will i said that one day i well come and see her sing at the church funny thing sayin goodbye she gettin of at bown hills thats when i remembered the voice is on tonight i throught id better got goin home strat away getin of at centreal station i caught the bus Algester !!! made it home at 25 past 6pm just in time wonderul you all sing the fantastic perfomances the never serve we get a little crazy wow!!! your wonderful beautfiful i wish you where my teacher in dance and music to delta hhaa but anyhow gettin back to the presents my Mother and i Grandmother one shes 91 years old now i look after her well we both meet up with keith at Japan Nirita airport many years ago he was wonderful kind hearted we unfortunately don'n t now who he was mate haaa!!! but he was very gentleman true blue ausse we begain to ask him kindly mate how are you and your australian and so on mum kept askin me well you please ask that lovely gentleman what the time is haaaa!!! keith kept sayin its near 8.pm something like that hes was settin near by but was very sweet!!! he throught we needed help we ve never traveled it was a family holiday given for granny to see all of her family back in Italy she's never been a back ater the war 1942 so i went aglong with mumm to make sure see both come back home to Australia safe and sould thankyo u to keith thats what the giftes are for him to to thank him very much for all his comsideration wonderful boy i'm now on his email delta his saved my like with his country sings songs and your my girlfriend for ever iturnity keiths fanclub send me youtube and merchandise always thankyou to him well you please thank him very much his God 's Gifte to us at the crazy airport never well forget the wonderful kind hospitality he gave us both his in our hearts for ever and so are you for your Mum Lee has by the Angles made my dreams come true in approckin her to pass on the giftes to you and keith my special love to your mum i'll never forget her your warth and kindness to a friend and fan of you rs and keiith see was sayin keith trailer comes in a few weeks time i'll make sure he receives thes giftes well thankyou sorry its a borin long email but i don'nt now how to explain it all in just a few words i shold be tellin storyes haaaaa!!!! Delta your my fairytale I LOVE YOU AND LEE AND KEITH GOD BESS YOU AND THE ANGLES KEEP YOU SAFE ALWAYS your sencerly francesyour my IDEALXOOOXOOXOOXOXOXOOOXOOXOXOOXOOXOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOXOOXOXO SEE YOU ON THE VOICE XOOX

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