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#63039 A bitter note is not in Vogue - new article

Posted by Artin on 25 October 2012 - 08:15 PM

Shut up, Vogue.


#67187 To Delta and her hot legs (Re: last nights concert)

Posted by impossible_princess on 03 November 2012 - 01:24 PM

Miss Goodrem,

Just wanted to let you know how I much I appreciate the effort you made last night, even though you would have been in such horrendous pain. I originally joined this forum over 10 years ago, and was active up until the last couple of years, but just so you know... Everyone who was there last night, has known and loved you for over a decade. We've grown up with you, your music has helped us through the trials of being a teenager and even into adult hood. For me it's more personal, when I was 15 I went to a forum lunch with you at the intercontinental hotel, I was the girl who had an eating disorder, and you sat me down and told me I was beautiful and spent one on one time with me that meant the world. You called me on my 16th birthday, and you wrote my Pop a card when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer when I was 19.

I'm sure I can speak for everyone who was there last night, when I say, your health is more important than anything else. Your welfare comes first. Your fans love you like family, and that's because you do the same right back, so you just focus on getting better beautiful girl, and don't worry about anything else. We will always have your best interests at heart <3

Lots of love

Liana xxx

#56051 Child of the Universe release date - October 26th

Posted by Martin on 08 October 2012 - 11:27 AM

If they were so desperate to use the font, I'd prefer if it was put in nicely, not just BANG, HERE'S A GIANT WHITE BLANK SPOT.

Posted Image

#74004 Delta On Funniest Home Videos Grand Final

Posted by Martin on 22 November 2012 - 01:57 PM

She could sing Knocked Out to a montage of people being knocked out.

#36581 When is delta's new single coming out?

Posted by Artin on 03 June 2012 - 09:42 PM

Some facts on the second single:
- Released in 2012.
- Longer than 30 seconds.
- Surprisingly, Delta will be singing on the track.
- The letter e will be present in at least one of the words. There could be more, but I want to be safe :smile:

You're welcome.


#68396 Delta at Melbourne Cup Carnival 2012

Posted by Artin on 06 November 2012 - 05:28 PM

Delta, I still love you as a fan and that I'll still support you no matter what.

I just wish that you'd choose a dress that's suitable for you.

She overdressed herself a bit too much, My advice is to give the dress to Nicki Minaj, She's knows the colour pink a lot more then Delta does.

She would surely give you some pointers for next year.

I completely agree. Delta should've worn this but in pink:

Posted Image


#63049 A bitter note is not in Vogue - new article

Posted by bare_hands on 25 October 2012 - 08:20 PM

oh vogue let brian take you to that stupid restaurant

#46797 3 Track Physical Copy of DWABH with Key Ring

Posted by Artin on 10 August 2012 - 05:13 PM

Hopefully since they aren't being signed the the dispercment of these will occur a little quicker than the last time. (I really wanna hear this song)!

Delta will be making each keyring by hand, so probably not.


#66887 Top Of My World Show: State Theatre, Sydney - November 2

Posted by Berkus on 02 November 2012 - 10:44 PM

So I just got back from the show. Here's how it went down (anyone else who attended, please feel free to fill in anything I may have missed):

I think she came on stage close to 45mins after Rachael finished her set. You could tell something was up because the wait really was unusually long. Anyway, she eventually came out and did SOTOTW. Afterwards, she gave a little mini speech about how she burnt her legs and she was in excruciating pain. She was contemplating not coming on stage but said there is no way she would disappoint the fans without giving it a shot. She even rolled up her pants to show us. Lol she was like "I don't think anyone would wanna kiss that better" I could think of a million guys who would think otherwise D ;)

There were little signs throughout the show where you could tell she was hurting, like the way she was sitting on the stool, looking down and holding her legs. Despite this, she still managed to get on the piano and start jamming to Throw it away. She ran out about halfway through the OOTB/BS medley, but being the trooper that she is, came back to finish it off. Something about the knocked out performance also seemed a bit off, like she was signalling her guitarist to cut the song short or something. Maybe someone else can elaborate on that...

She was about halfway through Kissing You and she started to quietly whisper to the backup singers that she can't do it anymore, that she was seriously about to faint. She ran off stage. The band continued to play the IE/MI medley with the backups occasionally providing vocals. That's when the announcer said that Delta can't continue anymore.

All I can think after this is how utterly shattered she must feel. I feel so bad for her more than anything. You can tell she tried her absolute hardest and the crowd was totally behind her. She was extremely personable and very funny. How anyone can call her fake after seeing what I saw tonight, I will never know. Just goes to show how dedicated and loyal she is to us. Don't think there is another celebrity remotely like her.

What really pissed me off though was that as we were leaving, this bitch of a devil woman could be heard yelling something like "I got a scratch on my head and I still went to work today, she gets a little bit of hot water on her legs and can't sing? I want my money back." Hope that bitch gets what's coming to her!

So yeah. What we can take from this is that we're extremely proud of you Delta for managing to get through as much as you did. She could've just as easily cancelled but decided to give it a red hot go.

#130497 The UK & Europe Fans Thread

Posted by Jason on 12 October 2015 - 02:21 AM

OK, so sorry this has taken a while, but my recount of the week is finally here!
I didn't really have much chance to post during the week because of everything going on, but also because I didn't really know how to put into words how I was feeling.
I still can't really find the words, so this will just sort of be a look back at the week through my eyes.

Sunday 4 October - Heathrow Airport
It was only the Thursday when we found out that Delta was actually coming back to the UK to perform at G-A-Y, but we didn't know anything else. I was told by a few people that Delta was actually going to fly from Australia the coming Saturday. It was only when I saw an Instagram post and tweet from people who had met Delta at Melbourne airport that I decided I had to go to Heathrow to try to meet her. I checked the flights from Melbourne, and was pretty sure that she would be arriving the following day in London. I asked a few UK forumers if they'd be able to come, and Kyle was the only one who could make it. Then on the Sunday, Bryn made a last-minute decision to join us and sped down all the way from Birmingham. I met Kyle at the airport at about 1pm, and then Bryn joined us at 2pm. Delta's flight was supposed to arrive around that time, but there was a delay for 2 hours. The three of us had a good chat while waiting for Delta's flight, while going through a wave of different emotions - Have we got the right flight? Is Delta going to be exhausted and ignore us? Would she have a security guard to push us away? Would she grudgingly meet us while smiling through gritted teeth? The flight landed at about 4pm, and we got into position. Bryn brought a nice sign, I went to get some tea and Kyle got some flowers for Delta. Just before 5pm, Delta walked out. I was probably the last to notice - I felt some commotion from Bryn and Kyle next to me, and we rushed to get the sign up. Delta looked every bit the star that she is and I couldn't believe I was seeing her in front of my very eyes. She came out with Dolce and a member of the airline staff. She saw our sign and said "That's so cute!", then she gave each of us a hug. I said to her "We've been waiting twelve years for this moment!" and then she was like "Me too!" We moved further down the airport and had a group picture taken with the sign, which she later put on her Twitter page. We had individual pictures taken, and then had a short chat about what she was doing here. She told us there was a gig on Thursday, and asked us what songs she should perform on the Saturday (we agreed that she should do a Mardi Gras-style performance). She then did a very quick video message and then headed off. Meeting Delta for the very first time that day and after so many years of being a fan was and still is an incredible moment, which will stay with me forever.





Tuesday 6 October - Sony Offices
On Monday, Rosey sent out a tweet saying that Delta would be at the Sony Offices at 1:30pm on the Tuesday. No one really knew anything else about it, but I thought I had to go, considering I only work two tube stations away. I asked my colleague if I could take a longer lunch break, and she said yes, so just after 1pm I made my way over there. When I got there, there were already a few other fans waiting, including Michelle, Stuart and Claire from the forum (sorry if I missed any others!). Soon after Rosey and Zara turned up. In typical Delta fashion, she was late, and we ended up waiting about half an hour. We all got excited when a big car with blacked out windows drove in, but it was a false alarm! A couple of minutes later, the real car showed up and out walked Delta. She gave us all hugs and spoke to us. She remembered me from the airport and said "Great to see you again!" When she spoke to other fans and asked their names, I realised I forgot to tell her my name again, so I sort of just blurted it out after she had finished speaking to someone! We had a group photo, but then she had to rush inside, as she was already late! Before she did, I reminded Michelle to give Delta her 21st Birthday fanbook, which she loved. I also don't know what possessed me, but then I gave her one of my college's academic diaries! She had a look at it and then tried to give it back to me, but I said it was for her! The lovely photographer Marla, then gave us all consent forms to sign and said we could put our Twitter names down, so we would be put on the guestlist for Thursday's show. I had to quickly run off back to work, but the others stayed and saw Delta when she left again.



Thursday 8 October - Secret Show
On Wednesday, the winners of the secret show competition were announced, but as usual, things didn't go quite to plan. We were supposed to find out at 4pm and winners had to reply by 6pm, but the majority of people weren't contacted until well after! Fortunately, I think everyone who was able to go, managed to get a ticket or a plus one, so we were all excited to be able to see Delta together! The location of the show was a very small art gallery, which conveniently was only 5 minutes' walk from where I work. I went to have a little look at around 4pm, where Michelle, Laura (from Holland), and Craig were waiting, but Delta hadn't yet arrived. I went back to work, and then when I finished at 5:30pm, headed off to the venue again. A few more people had turned up, including Delta, who we could see rehearsing through the windows. More and more people started to arrive, and I met Kinga, Lee, Hayley and Kyle's friend Suzie (who I took as my plus one: it was her birthday on the Wednesday, so that was a great present to be able to give! She very kindly gave me some chocolates as well!). There were people there doing interviews with fans, and asked questions like "What is your favourite song? If you had wings, what would you do? If you could go on a road trip with Delta, where would you go?" I'm dreading seeing this if it pops up on YouTube! After Delta finished her soundcheck, she said a quick hello to us, took a group photo, and then went off to get changed. We were let in at around 7:30pm, and I managed to get prime location right at the front! They were playing the Delta album, and everyone was singing along, while we waited. At about 8pm, Delta finally came out in the same outfit she wore when she performed 'Wings' on The Voice. The setlist has been posted already, so I won't go into that, but the whole performance was mesmerising. Seeing Delta perform live was always a dream, but being so close was something I could never have imagined! I'm not someone who cries very often, and I didn't, but when she sang 'Born To Try' I had shivers all over my body, and that's something that's never happened to me while listening to or watching anyone perform before. You could see how much Delta enjoyed it and loved seeing how much we enjoyed it. There were some really special little moments, e.g. when she said "Ten years have passed" in 'Innocent Eyes', and "There will be times when we're apart, I want you to know you're in my heart" in 'Out Of The Blue'. And I loved when everyone got into the "Ah, ah, ah" bit in 'Wings' and Delta cracked up laughing! After the show, Delta freshed up for a moment, and then came out to meet and greet everyone. As I was at the front, I was one of the first people to meet her. I don't think she remembered my name, so I told her again when she signed the little card they gave everyone and the 'Born To Try' single I brought along. I got another hug and photo, but as I was still in such awe from the performance, I didn't really say anything! Once people had met Delta, they left or went outside, and it was funny to see how Delta just sort of made her way around the room to meet everyone, rather than people going up to her! It truly was a spectacular night and I still can't believe it happened.












Saturday 10 October - G-A-Y at Heaven
I met up with Lee, Kyle, Laura and Craig at about 12pm, and we went to G-A-Y bar to get out wristbands for the night. We then met Anda Pop, Louise and Kari, before Michelle joined us. We also picked up a copy of the Boyz magazine, in which Delta recently did an interview (although I gave mine to Lee to put in his bag as I didn't want to carry it around with me! I'll have to pick that up when we next meet!). We then made our way over to Heaven to see Delta arriving for soundcheck. Rosey, Zara and Kinga joined us. We saw her car drive into the back entrance at about 2pm, and ran down the road to catch up! Delta eventually came out of the car and ran up to us to say a quick hello and that she'll see us once she's finished. The driver told us she would be out at about 5pm, so we went to get some lunch. We came back before 4pm, and met Oriane. The photographer Marla came out at one point to get some coffee or something, and gave us her camera to take 3 photos of us! We did a couple of nice poses on the stairs, and then a photo on the road, which Delta tweeted! After Delta had finished she saw us again briefly, but we could see she was very tired. Even so, she still said "Is there anything I can do for anyone?" She took some photos with the European fans who hadn't met her yet (as well as some randomer who literally just happened to walk past!), and then went off to have some food and sleep before the show. We then went to have some dinner, and then we were able to start queuing at 10:30pm. We could hear a dance remix of 'Lost Without You' being played, but then no more Delta songs were played after that. It wasn't long before we were let in, and once again, I managed to get a spot right at the front of the stage. It was a long wait, as Delta wasn't due to come on until 1:30am, but we enjoyed the music and some interesting dance moves from people who had got up onto the stage. Just before 1:30am, everything was being put into place, and they handed out whistles for everyone. Surprisingly, Delta was on time! I think something went wrong at the very start, as we heard Delta sing "So get up" and then the intro started again. Delta made a little comment about it, but then the song started properly. The setlist was a mix between the Mardi Gras and the Footy Show performances (I'm sure someone will post or has already posted the actual list). Despite the very long day, the energy in the room was incredible and everyone was absolutely into it. There was a beautiful moment when Delta asked Lee onto the stage and danced together during 'Dancing With A Broken Heart' (she had seen him on the Thursday and they made a deal that he would dance with her, so it was great that she stuck to her word!). After the performance, we waited for Delta to leave to say thank you for the week and farewell. She came out at about 3:30am and met all the fans that were waiting. I said thank you for bringing all the forumers together as well during the week as we had never met before, and she thought that was really amazing! We had a group photo with #TeamDeltaUK, and then she spoke to us individually. At one point she pointed at me and asked "Did you give me the perfume?" Alas, it was not me, so I said "Unfortunately not", but it was actually Craig, who is amazing anyway! When she gave me a hug, she said "I love you", and that was the perfect way to end the week! We had a selfie (I asked her to do it, since I'd be hopeless), then she went to leave while we sang 'Together We Are One' to her (led by Bryn!).













Apologies for the ridiculously long post, but this week was absolutely insane and to think a couple of weeks ago, we had no idea any of this would happen!
I feel so blessed to have been able to meet Delta on four separate occasions, and be front row at two shows, something I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams!
So, thank you Delta, thank you Lea, thank you Marla at TheCantineCo and thank you Sony Music UK, for allowing this week to have happened.
Thank you also to all you incredible people I met this week - it's been awesome and I can't wait to do it all again! :wub:

#130266 The UK & Europe Fans Thread

Posted by FairyCuddle on 07 October 2015 - 08:25 PM

Delta Meet and Greet at Sony Music UK, London HQ - 6th October 2015


Who would have thought this time last week yesterday would have happened?


So last week, I can't even remember when exactly, we heard Delta was heading back to the UK after her appearance at G-A-Y was tweeted. So everyone totally freaks out - can this actually be happening after all this time? So many questions! And then we see her getting shots at the airport after the AFL and we find out that she will be in the UK on SUNDAY! Thankfully my manager at work said I could book this week off at such short notice! Unfortunately I couldn't make the airport to greet her as I had travelled home especially for my dad's birthday. So happy the other forumers got to meet her though!


Anyway, so after finishing work on Monday I travelled back home again and on my way down towards London found out that Delta would be appearing at Sony Music's London HQ the next day! I was so happy on the train I just want to shout! I couldn't believe the next day I'd be seeing Delta after so long.


So yesterday arrived and I felt so sick! Barely got any sleep the night before as I was so nervous and excited with all the anticipation of what was to come. I was running around in a panic in the morning making sure I had everything ready! Camera, things to get signed, 21st BIRTHDAY FANBOOK! I left nice and early just in case there were problems with trains and got into London after 11am. I was so nervous I could barely eat anything for lunch. I met up with Stuart (trauts25) at High Street Kensington tube station. Have been friends for years but finally met yesterday which was pretty good in itself! We aimlessly wondered around for a while and then found the Sony HQ. We met up with Claire (claire lou) who was hovering outside. We asked the security guard who was just inside the door if we were in the right place. He had no idea and when we said we were here to see Delta Goodrem he was asking who 'he' was!!! He rang up somewhere to confirm and said it was up on the 3rd floor! We still weren't sure what the event was at this time so we thought we would be invited up there later haha. Anyway, we were there pretty early so we went for a wonder and found a park to sit in for a bit. I managed to eat something but still felt so nervous! We then headed back but still arrived quite early at about 12:45 back at the Sony offices. We were the first there and were later joined by a few others. It was great to meet people who have been around for so long!


After a short while a lady named Marla related to Sony came up to us and asked if we were waiting for Delta. She then filmed some of us which is going to be put into some video of her London trip. She didn't have much other information and I'm not sure if it's going to be released publicly or put anywhere. Fingers crossed for a future DVD release or on a deluxe album! She asked us questions like 'how long have you been a fan?', 'what do you like about Delta?', 'what are your favourite songs?' etc. I bet I sounded awful haha! Marla was expecting Delta to turn up at about 13.15. I was so nervous waiting in line! I think there was about 10 of us in total. Rosey and Zara from Aus joined us and Jason managed to get out of work! Delta was of course fashionably late. We had a false alarm when Marla got into positon (she was taking pictures and wanted to film us when Delta arrived) and another Sony lady but it was just some other blacked out people carrier haha. Then about 5 minutes later, in true style, Delta's car pulls into the road (which was a dead end) turned at the end and pulled up outside the offices. (I'm getting nervous just writing this!!). And then there she was. I got a tiny bit tearful again (grr!) as it was just so emotional to see her again after all these years. My first impressions were wow and thinking she looked stunning and so slim. She just looked so golden haha. Her hair and skin and everything about how she looked was so glamorous. She is such a star!! She popped out the car in her all black outfit with big smiles. She seemed so happy to see us all there. She was quite surprised to see the two Aussie girls too! She then made her way down the line to greet all of us one by one. She was ever so gracious and asking people she hadn't met before who they were and what they did. Giving hugs to all of course. When she got to me I was just so happy in that moment! I still couldn't believe it was her back in the UK. It was all so, so surreal. I reminded her of my name (and forum name lol) and she remembered me! She mentioned about the concert from 2005 (it was 2004 but never mind lol) and I was so thrilled! She said about me being grown up now, or being so much younger then. I got a hug. I thanked her so much for coming back and for being there. I think she said something else but it's already a blur!! She then moved on to Stuart (who was next to me) who hadn't met her before. I was so happy people finally got to meet her after all this time! I embarrassed him by saying he had listened to SOTOTW over a thousand times lol. She asked what he did and he wasn't sure what to say but said something about listening to her music haha. She then met Claire and Meg who were next in the line and another guy I didn't catch the name of (who I think had previously met her at Mardi Gras in Sydney). We then had a group picture which the Sony lady Marla took. Delta said goodbye and turned to head into the offices when Jason shouted to Delta and myself about the fanbook! After all this time I nearly forgot to give it to her!!! So I quickly grabbed it out of my bag and handed it to her saying it was her 21st birthday forum fanbook. She seemed slightly confused and I think she said something like "21st??". I think she found it funny but I warned her that it had quite a few pictures and mentions of a certain someone. I think she laughed but I can't remember now it was all so rushed! I also grabbed the Ecoya candle I had got her on my lunch break on Monday on the off chance I might get to meet her. I hope she liked it. 



The hug! (Thanks so much for capturing this Jason)





Delta with fanbook and candle! (Thanks to Zara for these pictures)



With fanbook (Thanks to Meg)


So then Delta went into the Sony offices for an interview. Not quite sure what it was about. Marla then asked us to sign a Sony release form for the pictures/videos and said if we put our Twitter names down we would get an invite to Thursdays secret show! It didn't sink in then but now I sit here and type this I realise what that means. How lucky to get the chance to hear Delta sing live after all this time and even more lucky that that is how I first met her. I can't believe it! Delta was so nice and said we should all come! Marla was very kind to us and I'm so grateful to her. Thanks also to Rosey for giving us the heads up in the first place!


So we were all like oh my gosh we just met Delta and so happy! Jason and the other guy I didn't know the name of left but the rest of us decided to hang about as we were told Delta would be about an hour. We sat and waited across the road next to where Delta's car and driver were waiting. After about an hour Delta came out again and saw that we were waiting. She graciously got pictures with us all and more hugs. Once again all I could say to her was thank you haha! I was so happy to have a picture with her after all this time. And then she hopped in her car and was driven away. 



Finally! (My own picture - thanks Stu!)



(Thanks again Zara for the picture)


Afterwards we all went and hung out at Big Ben and then for some chips at MacDonalds by the Thames lol. It was so nice to spend time with other Delta fans and to hear all the stories from Aus.


Yesterday was so overwhelming and everything so far this week has all happened so quickly! It's just been amazing to meet up with other forumers and to see Delta again. For her to be back promoting her music in this country just feels so good. I still can't believe it's happening!! I'm just so glad they've decided to do it finally. Woohoo! #TeamDeltaUK

#99718 Delta Daily - Hiatus

Posted by Paddyl90 on 27 July 2013 - 12:48 AM

It seems that whatever issues that you are having with aspects of the site are taking their toll. It's a shame it has to come to this but I know you wish it didn't have to be this way. I totally understand if you also feel that enough is enough dealing with site issues. You've done an amazing job with this website over the years, it's been great to see your baby grow up into the amazing site that it is. I'm glad to have been a part of it and thank you for your tireless work and effort you've given to the site and us members. But this doesn't have to be the end of a Delta fan forum. Surely there are free forum sites out there where we can make a new one? We have time to figure it out. This doesn't have to be lost completely.

#66879 Top Of My World Show: State Theatre, Sydney - November 2

Posted by Rossy88 on 02 November 2012 - 10:39 PM

Ive been on these forums since 2003 but they are fast becoming an ugly place to be. Please guys! I am SO sick of reading about chart positions and album sales and like the whole world is going to fall apart if she doesn't make the top 5. Yes it's important but Jesus! This girl has made it through cancer, through tutbulent relationships, through family crisis, I'm sure she won't crack if her album doesn't hit no.1, what's important is that she knows she has a strong fan base!

Burns are terrible and of course if she's burnt herself she isn't going to do her show! I got a second degree burn recently on my back and I have never been in so much pain- I certainly wouldn't have been sat on a piano performing music!

Not everything has to turn into a personal attack. Let's remember why we're here...

#66860 Top Of My World Show: State Theatre, Sydney - November 2

Posted by Bernadette on 02 November 2012 - 10:14 PM

There goes her album sales, Sorry guys but I'm being realistic here.

You need to get out right now, we're not here for your bullshit.

Delta has seriously hurt herself and was in a lot of pain. From tweets i've read before Delta left the stage she told everyone she was going to faint and went off stage, and before that she went off stage because she was in pain and not feeling well and came back.

She also went to the hospital and came back (when it happened this afternoon) and performed around half of the songs from the setlist.

Burns are serious, and you're thinking about album sales? seriously, no. That would be the LAST thing on ANYONE'S minds right now.

After Delta going through cancer and all of that, we all should know that her health comes #1, but because Delta is Delta she put her fans before her health tonight and performed her very best until she couldn't anymore. AMAZING.

Health >>>>>>> album sales.

#107943 5th Studio Album Discussion - Due 2014

Posted by Artin on 18 January 2014 - 10:12 AM


No one is trying to turn you on

I don't want to be turned on


What a great last post! Bye :)



#96570 Heart Hypnotic - New Single!

Posted by Paddyl90 on 16 June 2013 - 11:03 PM

Thought this message is important! 


Can we please resist the urge to upload the song to any YouTube, Soundcloud etc. for at least a few days. Least we can still enjoy it but more importantly no one else can rip it off those sites and lose sales?


Just thought be a good message to spread. Just get those initial sales.

#91764 Delta hate - my analysis

Posted by Paddyl90 on 19 April 2013 - 09:07 PM

I've been doing my fair share of FB, Twitter research on Delta hate during the Voice and found a recurring theme of reasons and trends why people hate on her. Initially it bothered me but after the second and third night it just became old and made me feel a lot better about how Delta is doing on the show. Here are the comments that generally come up. 


1) "Shut the fuck up Delta" - we know Delta can go on a rant of gibberish sometimes which we all love and find endearing but can understand it annoying some. But apparently she shouldn't say anything on the show. What a great show that would be. If anyone rants it's Seal but anyway....they all do it. 


2) "Sit the fuck down and stop dancing Delta" - Delta has self-proclaimed herself to not be the best dancer but loves to dance even though it's not her strongest talent. Think there's a good message in that...just because you might not be good at something doesn't mean you have to sit on your hands and not get involved. I've not seen one comment about the others dancing but it's only annoying when she does it. Funny. 


3) "Stop buzzing right after someone else does" - It's not as if she waits for someone else to and then buzzes. There's strategy involved....and once again no one picks it up when others do it.


4) "Delta is so fake" - This is the biggest and most common comment made about Delta. I understand part of it and how it can come across that way but at the end of the day this is something that she can't change because she is actually being herself and will cop regardless. I honestly think people don't believe anyone could be that nice all the time. The thing is we know how Delta is...she is a hippy at heart, she's very spiritual and very much about positive energies and spirits and all she wants to do is spread positivity and a lot of people don't care for that. Each to their own. I'd argue last year she was being someone she wasn't a lot of the time but this year she has let it go and it's helped her so much. She's stronger for it now. 


5) "Delta is sleeping with everyone" - Another one. It's amazing how many people just assume what is published in the papers / magazines is true. At the end of the day I'd love to have all these people who make comments like that have their private lives and personal details put out there, with lies spread about them, and see how they like it. But at the end of the day...who cares what she does in her personal life? How does this give you a reason to hate her? It's amazing how many perfect people there are out there. 


6) Also women....this is a generalisation.... but how catty can you be ? 70% of the hate comments are made from women. A lot of them from same Twitter / FB accounts night after night. What is the need to constantly bitch and slag off one another. I don't get it being a guy...we're just different, yeah we're not perfect either...we can bitch but in our own way....but it's just a common trend I've seen on social media. A lot of women are nasty when it comes to hating on their own. 



So there's what I've seen / read / heard. I'm not out there trying to cure all the hate out there...people will hate regardless I know that and this is the public eye and comes with the territory. But after initially hating all these comments...they have become so boring and repetitive and has made me feel so much better about it all. All these things are so petty and trivial yet drive so much hatred. God forbid she did something worth hating her over. If all of that is the worst she can be then she is a pretty amazing person. I'm proud to say a lot of people have actually started liking her a lot more this year as a result of the Voice. 


Stay proud Delta fans. Don't take it personally....don't feed the trolls....it's not worth it. Never any harm in sharing your love and support out there for her and spreading your experiences and stories. We can match the amount of hate with love. At the end of the day the more haters....the more Delta for us. 



#87466 Random Delta Conversation Thread

Posted by charmedchick on 04 March 2013 - 03:55 PM

Little bit off topic, but I just thought it was funny how these two stories were next to each other...



In other words, Brian sucks and sexy Delta rocked it :P

#131091 5 REASONS OR MORE Why Delta is the BEST!

Posted by Paddyl90 on 04 November 2015 - 02:23 AM

Thumbs up if you love Paddy!?

#127387 Wings Pop Up Store - Melbourne 12.08.2015

Posted by Paddyl90 on 12 August 2015 - 11:51 PM

Hi everyone,


So today Delta announced a pop up signing for Wings at a cafe joint in Richmond which is a suburb just out of Melbourne. It was a random location but perhaps it was a friend's business. I got there and all up there were about 100 people lined up, quite a few forumers. It was pretty quick, 2min with her at most which is amazing but nothing too much to add in terms of new details. It was just a great chance to see her and other forumers again. A few pics below.