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Unofficial 'Only Human' Single Cover Competition!

12 February 2015 - 07:00 PM

Hi All,


With the excitement of Delta's comeback single being announced - I want to see what people can come up with! Considering how amazing some of you are, it may even be better than what the official cover will be!



Dimensions: 400 x 400 (or any other suitable square like dimension)

Must feature the words 'Only Human' and some reference to 'Delta' or 'Delta Goodrem'


No requirement to have a picture of Delta at all.



Winner will be the post with the most likes.


Please get your entries in by Friday Feb 20!!


Get to it :D

The Topic On Hair Extensions

18 January 2015 - 08:11 PM

My preference is long hair and I am expecting her to use hair extensions all the time


I do like short hair but I wonder why she keeps cutting it and then uses extensions.But Im a guy - maybe it is that much easier to maintain that she'd prefer that then growing it out..

Deltas Presenting at the ARIAs

22 November 2014 - 07:46 PM


I WANNA GO! Sucks being at work full time..

Greatest Hits/Singles Collection Release

16 November 2014 - 10:25 AM

Calm down - I'm not saying its happening right now!


I was just wondering what fans think about the possibility of it occurring after this next albums release?


Greatest Hits in the past have been big sellers for artists allowing them to combine all fans from previous releases, to do a tour of all their hits and cement their legacy as an artist in history. However, with the rise in digital retailing - these are not doing as well as they once did. People can now buy single tracks from these releases and they are harder to sell - prompting artists to make the release more special by re-recording them or adding a lot more content to it (e.g. track by track or special video performances/interviews, etc).



I would definitely want Delta to do it - maybe after this or the next album. I think it would bring about a real appreciation to the music she's put out and also gain a lot of fans - in particular the younger generation who may not have been around when she was releasing that music.


I think it would make for a great arena tour as well

Who Will Replace Will.I.Am - Voice Season Four

28 October 2014 - 06:20 AM

Its a good question and I wouldnt be surprised if Delta did step up. She didnt do last season because she wanted to work on the album and with it intended for release next year - it would make sense for her to be on Australia's biggest TV talent show to promote it. The Voice Kids will be rested next year due to Nine not being able to accommodate a suitable timeslot for it this year (similarly to how they've screwed Big Brother up too - I'm confident Voice Kids will return in 2016 if Voice Adults does well in 2015).



Sportsbet currently have Delta as the most tipped to take over


Odds: http://www.sportsbet...voice-australia


Article: http://www.sportsbet...ill-replacement



Having the two huge Aussie female stars on the screen would be a massive coupe and I think Australia couldnt not watch it. Like how could that show not do well with the biggest Aussie female singers on it? Just... how? ha. And there would be a ton of rumours of them not getting on and then they would both be on each others instagram and twitter etc showing that they are and I think it would be such a great thing for Australian music in general for them to team up, if only just for performing on the show alone.



And as for the show 'stopping' Delta - it simply wouldnt. It would MAKE her career flow in Australia. Guarantees relevancy in that people know that she is back releasing music. Delta would always have to do Australia first anyway and given there actually arent all that many promotional opportunities in Australia - this is the biggest and best way to do it. And to have the support of a television network ensures she regular promotion whenever she wants it (TV syncs like Wish You Were Here on House Husbands, exhausting all TV shows like 60 Minutes, A Current Affair, Today Show and then the big performances that send you up charts on State of Origin, Logies and Voice Australia). This would definitely be a great thing for Delta to do the season on the show.


However a fifth season is something she couldnt do as she would really need to be releasing her music worldwide then and that would stop her