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Member Since 21 Jun 2011
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The Next Tour - Discussion

07 August 2014 - 08:34 PM

So excited for whenever it happens. Delta is readying for a big 2015 and I'm hoping that will include a tour. She's not quite big enough to do a world tour just yet - but if the era goes well - it might turn it to one, even if spread out over two years when she builds a global fanbase.

As for Australia

2005 - Debut Tour - Arenas - Massive for an Australian Act

2008 - A Night With Delta - Two Shows in Sydney - Extremely Intimate

2009 - Believe Again Tour - Theatres - Nice due to the amount of shows and cities she went to

2012 - COTU Launch Tour - Sydney, Melb, Brisbane
meant to be followed up by a national tour but due to the album not doing well enough and Delta seemingly done with the album by the time the Christmas EP was done with no COTU singles were released - no tours have happened since!

Had they pushed the album more with at least one follow up single maybe something would have eventuated but oh well.

Whilst she has not done a tour since late 2012 - she has remained relevant due to a second season of The Voice which saw her music do well on iTunes (Bayini hit #1, Heart Hypnotic hit #2), debut season of Voice Kids which will make her much more accessible to a growing younger crowd and everything else that's had people interested in her like Mardi Gras, Oral B ad and now the white woman dancing at Beyonce.

So shes not starting from the bottom launching into the next tour, but at the same time she's does have ground to make up for

I would really love for Delta to aim to do arena shows with this era. I think she deserves it, she has so many hits that Australia would know, her direction through her Mardi Gras and Voice performances suggest she could smash it out of the park and obviously being able to sell out arenas is every popstar musicians goal.

Deltas pay packet for The Voice + Kids

28 July 2014 - 07:54 PM




There's no way this article is true at all. No way.



I havent got the magazine scan but the details are spread out over the slideshow



They say Delta got $6.6m for first season of The Voice and then $2m for The Voice Kids.


They report Benji + Joel got $1m each for Voice Kids and Mel got $2.5m for the show.



Hard to believe...

Delta Highlights video

10 May 2014 - 04:55 PM

Hi Guys


I was bored/also I didnt want to continue wasting watching episodes at a time and hence have started creating a highlights Delta video of her being on The Voice Australia. I've started with episodes one and two from Season One and intend to continue along - let me know what you think of this video!


Like and share as well :)



PREDICT: When will the new era begin?

09 April 2014 - 08:15 PM

I'm specifically asking the first single - but it could be a surprise album release or a buzz single or... whatever.


Just generally, when will everything start?




I'm going to be optimistic and purely guess that the first single will be released towards the end of the adult version of The Voice in order to perform on the show. So I'm thinking July for first single, second single in October and album released in November.



 Be as detailed or vague as you like

Charlotte Dawson

23 February 2014 - 10:30 AM

i'm very hurt by charlotte dawson death..


she tried so hard... and she failed.


i need to know that other people get through depression and recover..