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Member Since 13 Apr 2012
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#48523 Dancing With A Broken Heart - Second Single

Posted by josh on 15 August 2012 - 11:28 AM

As a Britney fan and seeing the crap her label has put fans through I actually like Sony. The amount of B-sides we've gotten. The fact we are still getting physical copies of singles. The bonus content on her DVDs have been awesome. They do need to lift their game but I've seen worse.

Ohh i hear ya!! Britney's label has been absolutely shocking over the years when it comes to her releases.

I'm very happy Sony still see Delta as a top artist and give fans b-sides etc. Release info, video release and timing could probably be a lot better but like you said, there's worse.

#48443 Dancing with a Broken Heart EP now on iTunes - including extra tracks

Posted by josh on 15 August 2012 - 12:12 AM


Firstly - Acoustic version of 'Dancing With a Broken Heart' is quiet simply STUNNING!! Its pure, raw and so much more personal. You really can connect with this version in a totally different way than the radio edit. I'm completely in love.

Secondly - 'Waiting For Forever' is amazing. A complete different contract of a song compared to what we have heard from her new materiel. And i love it! Its powerful, edgy, with dark elements. It shows such growth and maturity in her music over the past few years. Lyrically, its all there in Delta form. Musically, its bringing her into 2012. She's experimented with sound and evolved and it totally worked. Amazing b-side! Definitely becoming of my favourites!

Sooooo happy we got these 2 tracks on iTunes.

The Delta Era just keeps on getting better!

#31162 Garden City Instore, Brisbane - April 19th

Posted by josh on 19 April 2012 - 10:46 PM


After all these years Delta is exactly the same person at her instores - TOTALLY ABOUT THE FANS!!

I was just on time, finishing work at 5pm and then getting the Westfield Garden City like crazy in peak hour traffic was a NIGHTMARE! However, i arrive just at 6pm and they announced she was minutes away! PHEW!

The crowd was INSANE! It really takes me back to the old days when thousands would turn up and it amazed me still how many people love our girl and was there to see her! Unfortunately getting there so late meant being quite far away and im pretty short so at times it was hard to see, but regardless i wouldn't have missed it!

She apologised at the beginning as her throat was still sore but she sang so beautifully! All her performances of 'Sitting on Top of The World', 'Born To Try', 'In The Life' where stunning! And a special surprise medley of 'Predictable' (Haha and she said she ran into the guy she wrote it about recently), 'Not Me, Not I' & 'Out Of The Blue' then finishing with THE BIGGEST SURPRISE EVER... 'UNCOVERED!!!'

It was just breathtaking!

The signing began about 6.40ish and it was CRAZY! The trooper Delta is, as always, promised to stay there until everyone was seen! Amazing!

A boy about the age of 16/17 went up to see her, handed her a rose and they were speaking for a while. Delta then announced over the microphone that he had just asked her to his formal! Sooo sweet! Delta said' And i told him, if im in Australia I WILL GO!'

Delta's mum Lea was also around, hanging in the back and talking to some fans. It was awesome to see her again, she had disappeared by the end so i didn't get a chance to have a quick chat but she looked beautiful as always!

After about 2.5 nearly 3 hours i finally had made my way to the beginning of the line and got my time with Delta. Still so happy & her gorgeous smile glowing. We had an awesome chat, she remembered me from the old days and we talked about it and a few other things. Even shared a joke about becoming on of her 'Gay Husbands' Haha. Time was of the essence so i didn't want to take up too much of her time. She was so grateful for everyone still waiting.

There was still quite a big group of people still waiting when i left shortly after, so i'd imagine she would have been there for atleast another hour or 2.

I do have a few videos from the performance which ill try and get up ASAP, as i said though from the back its a bit far away however you can hear everything beautifully!


UPDATED: Delta performing 'Uncovered'.

#30540 'Innocent Eyes' Album re-enters iTunes Album Chart

Posted by josh on 17 April 2012 - 09:50 PM

WOW!!!!! How amazing is this!

Delta's debut album 'Innocent Eyes' has re-entered the iTunes Album Charts and is currently at #18!

9 years after being released and its back in the top 20!


The power of Delta and The Voice!

Sooo proud x

UPDATE: Just saw that 'Delta' album has also re-entered at #33!! INSANE!!!!

#29879 The 2012 TV Week Logie Awards Thread + Delta performance

Posted by josh on 15 April 2012 - 10:55 PM

Loved the performance! Pretty much what i expected it to be like. So good to see a piano moment in there and then it build into the video clip theme with the dances and costumes! It was visually good.

As others have stated, vocals where a little shaky and the high not wasn't perfect.. but she's human, things aren't always going to be spot on. Nerves get in the way and this was a big performance for her new era, so she probably felt a bit of pressure.

Above all though, she looked absolutely radiant, as always. Her dresses throughout the night were stunning!

#29183 do you remember? (Hi People!!!)

Posted by josh on 13 April 2012 - 11:06 PM

Haha i remember you jeddman! I just joined up again too.. finally!

#29178 Uncovered + Lyrics

Posted by josh on 13 April 2012 - 11:01 PM

I absolutely LOOOVE 'Uncovered'!

Its such a pure Delta song, so powerful and the lyrics are amazing! Another amazing b-side track!