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Member Since 11 Jul 2011
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#5977 The New Era

Posted by someday on 11 July 2011 - 05:33 PM

I cant believe we're STILL guessing when Delta will have some new material for us... New forum, same old topic tho!!!

It is getting ridiculously frustrating now at this stage... will Delta have many die hard fans left when she does get round to releasing?

I wish she would stop the duets... i know they are good experience-wise for her, but career-wise, i dont see them as any help to cracking America ... she is not duetting with contemporary artists that are big chart hitters.... so they are actually just distracting her from her own album....

I like Im not ready and all but i think the summer is going to be totally taken up with promotion on it now, so i have a bad feeling we wont be hearing anything new until maybe November/ Decemeber now or dare i say 2012!!

Yknow it was round this time - july 2007- that we had the early tidbits of info that the album was finished, the single was ready, video was going to be shot late july--- and here we are , its july 2011, and nothing still.

Delta promised in December a mid 2011 release, if she doesnt release in late 2011, i will be very disillusioned with her....

i have said it before and will say it again, she simply isnt a big enough star worldwide to get away with such long gaps between albums... only megastars like madonna and u2 can get away with it... they return years later and people are really interested in hearing their new stuff... but with delta, and i love her and all, but she isnt a big enough star, it will be a case of delta who?

also, did sony give any reason why her forum was closed... is it possible they are losing interest in her and thinking of dropping her... she is hardly very profitable for them ... having not released an album in the last 3.5 years...., i could see why they would think of dropping her...

God, i hope this isnt bad sign... that sony have lost faith in her and will half heartedly release and promote her work when ready or worse, drop her before it's ready and we have to wait for ages while she sorts things with a different label ... It is strange that she is signed to Sony and Universal at the same time i always thought... Why would Sony bust a gut promoting her worldwide only for Universal to profit in the us from her ???

im rambling, but i am getting worried about where delta's career is going

i really think she needs to get more active and start focusing seriously on her music... or am i just being harsh...

I agree with some of the things you said, i defiantly agree that she has taken far too long between albums. she is, after all a singer, and if that was what she honestly loved doing and had worked towards for her entire life, one would assume that she would constantly want to be not only releasing, but performing.

I also agree with your question about when she eventually releases how many fans will be left, there is absolutely no doubt that the number of supporters that she has that will actually buy her album and go to her concerts has significantly decreased, and will no doubt continue to decrease. you've also got to think about the general public, but at the moment no one under the age of 10 would really have any idea who she was - which was at one stage, a large portion of her target audience.

I think a lot of things need to change, fans need to become a priority once more, (does it not seem like her own fans have been given a back seat at the moment? especially to all the nick fans?) and she needs to have a strategy for release. lets hope that the way Brians single and album?? release is not an indication of how deltas will occur - otherwise, were in strife!

I honestly, completely believe in delta and her abilities, and there is no doubt it my mind that she can be just as, and hopefully more well known then she was, But i do think a lot of things need to change.