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#100394 New article: Date with Kate Waterhouse - Delta Goodrem

Posted by greeneyes on 19 August 2013 - 10:25 PM

well it's cool to hear she is working on the new material anyways...  i honestly wouldn't have expected her to be so gung ho about a new album so soon..... i don't think we will hear it til late 2014 at the earliest regardless but i do think it  is great to see a more real work/ play balance in her life now....  



love how coy she is about the Voice... of course she is gonna do it again if they ask, she is obviously just waiting for the call or playing it cool to get a better deal next year and why not 


and yes , the loving to tour bit is quite ironic given she hardly ever does, but i have said it before and will say it again, the ambition seems to be there but the right people arent around her making it happen anymore... hope she has a solid team in place for next year .

#100124 Heart Hypnotic (USA Mix)

Posted by greeneyes on 08 August 2013 - 05:49 PM

why bother ? seriously why did they even bother doing that?


It has no decent video, that edit is very poor indeed - what do they hope to achieve ..... i honestly dont know .... are they hoping this catches fire and becomes a hit on its own merit (cus that aint happening)... she really should just wait and do it properly if she is ever going to do it again in the states....  something like this just sounds very amateur ......

#100045 Heart Hypnotic - New Single!

Posted by greeneyes on 06 August 2013 - 06:22 PM

^ afaik mercury , decca and island def jam are all imprints under the Universal umbrella of labels. so really its not like moving label. Delta 2008 was a decca release. but decca is a small label within the universal group. it wouldnt mean too much if she was moved around to a different roster within universal. happens alot.

like sony bmg is another large group and within that group they have smaller labels like columbia,epic, rca etc.

have i made any sense at all lol?!

#99778 Black apple

Posted by greeneyes on 27 July 2013 - 11:40 PM

^ im guessing its cus the title suggests the sort of dark metaphorical lyrical approach of some of the MI era songs.

#99742 Will Delts Sign On For S3?

Posted by greeneyes on 27 July 2013 - 08:52 AM

i will be very surprised if she doesnt do season 3 now.. seems like she is very at ease with the show and her role on it now.

id prefer if she didnt do it.. i feel like its becoming a bit of a crutch for her right now... like she seems very reliant on it for her music careee now. 3 seasons is enough though. if she does a 4th one it will be because album 5 hasnt taken off or hasnt gone international or to america.. like if things finally pan out after season 3 and the launch of album 5 ,she hopefully will be too busy to get tied to a 4th season if it happens...

but yeah season 3 is a def plan for her id say .... the album seems to have a deadline for the start of season 3... even though ill bet it will just be a single then and the album.will come after the show with a second single... ironically the way cotu should have happened

#99741 The Twitter & Instagram Thread

Posted by greeneyes on 27 July 2013 - 08:42 AM

oh great. she is working with vince again. at least that affirms a bit that she isnt totally reinventing herself with her new album

vince always gets the best out of delta.

#99570 5th Studio Album Discussion - Due 2014

Posted by greeneyes on 22 July 2013 - 11:44 PM

For me, I'd love to hear more indie/ soft rock sounds from Delta on the next album, i think it would show a more mature Delta as she gets older now.... songs like Daughter, How A Dream Looks, I Lost All Love 4 You, Uncovered Knocked Out, .. they all kinda sound more singer-songwriter-y to me and i just feel that would be a much wiser and authentic direction for Delta than just throwing her hands up after COTU pretty much flopped and going all dance cus its hot now  (i know many will say that it didnt flop but it certainly underperformed, im sure a single after the album was abandoned by Sony after how badly the album slid down the charts after a promising start on release) , basically yeah id like to hear more guitar based songs , i dont see why Delta has to be chained to the piano, of course id love it to keep a decent influence on her work but it isnt totally necessary on every track.


I would love to hear a few more stripped back ballads, WYWH and INR wee great and the COTU album did feel very uptempo and upbeat, but id love maybe three, four piano based ballads on the next album too



I really dont care too much if she incorporates some electronic touches to her songs, especially likely if she works with Ryan Tedder, but i would hope he would do more like what his One Republic albums sound like than the sort of generic stuff he does with other artists.... One Republic never sound horribly overproduced, i love tracks like Feel Again, If I Lose Myself , Burning Bridges. etc... and yet they dont feel horribly overproduced or glossy.. it just works what they do.... i hope (but fear it wont happen) this way as Tedder hasnt exactly done much note worthy for other artists since his work with Adele...



I do hope Delta keeps doing some great uptempo (live instrument based ) songs like Hypnotized (that song shoulda been a single the worldover ... it is insanely catchy) When My Stars Come Out ..... 



I really, really , really hope she doesnt just do dance for the sake of trying a different apporach...im sure there is label pressure, we know Delta and how she likes to take her time with the music (Lord dont we know that lol) but the fact that she plans to have the album ready early next year is surely a sign that she is working to a deadline and i doubt it was self-imposed... i just hope the label arent putting her under crazy pressure and meddling to much.... 


COTU was ready along time last year, Sony sat on it for way too long and screwed it all up by releasing it when the ultra competitive Christmas season was just launching.... They surely dropped the ball on that front... despite three pretty decent videos, they rolled it all out in such a slap-dash manner, it was never gonna work


I just hope they dont screw it up this time by misguiding her to record what she thinks people want to hear from her ... talk of making the album for a specific market is niave at best , and  very foolish at worst...



please no YWOBMY , DWABH  or HH type songs ... i know i might be in the minority on the forum on this front , but when you think of all the hundreds of thousands that bought IE or MI ... does she really think that all those people that bought into those albums want to hear her doing stuff like that.... i know, i know, people change, tastes change but i just feel hugely strongly... the dance thing doesnt fit with her imo, the fact that HH has dropped so sharply is testament to the fact people dont really buy into her doing that style.... sure it was a top ten hit , but i think she could have sang bah bah black sheep on the Voice finale and still gone top ten... it had impact immediately, it was bound to, but it didnt find a major audience to buy into it so i really feel she should steer clear of this stuff... it has never come off successfully ........




but yeah time will tell what Delta is planning and what shape the new body of work will take, interesting times ahead 

#98906 The UK & Europe Fans Thread

Posted by greeneyes on 08 July 2013 - 08:19 AM

^ awwww... i think i need one lol

#98902 CHART WATCH: Child of the Universe

Posted by greeneyes on 08 July 2013 - 08:02 AM

Lol :-)^

#98901 5th Studio Album Discussion - Due 2014

Posted by greeneyes on 08 July 2013 - 08:01 AM

I would love to hear some rockier Delta! Screw this dance stuff :P

i think a rock \indie direction would be more authentic than dance for Delta. and id love delta to rock out ...

#98900 The UK & Europe Fans Thread

Posted by greeneyes on 08 July 2013 - 07:55 AM

^ precisely how i feel ... it feels like she will do whatever she gets told/advised to do in the name of making it happen for her in america. i dont mean to label her a sell out.. but i think you are rite.. she is gonna lose some integrity if she goes down this road again.. she did it in 2007 with Delta... and i dont know how she thought that album was perfect for the UK.. it just didnt work on so many levels.

but yeah i share your frustrations jemma. im glad im not alone. i feel like the eternal whiner on here at times ! i just dont want to see her doing soulless stuff.. i love her because she writes so well when she writes from the heart and i do agree she will lose integrity in the long run if she decides to do what she said wasnt her (derivative pop like IDC suggested). sure people change and want to try different things but u dont become everything you said u werent into years before. thats not organic and authentic change. thats change for other reasons and she shouldnt feel she has to change to have mass appeal again. screw that !

#98822 ARIA Chart Thread - Heart Hypnotic

Posted by greeneyes on 07 July 2013 - 04:25 AM

Quite a steep drop over the last two weeks... I hope she / the label/ management are taking note 

#98665 New Article: Changing Tempo

Posted by greeneyes on 04 July 2013 - 04:55 PM

^ oh i wasnt taking your views paddy as dismissive of europe in her plans or that you mean she wont need to do the work here...

i personally am just guessing europe is gonna be a low priority like it was in 2008 . i mean logically she is gonna have to have priorities......she sounds gung ho on america for sure and if she really is gonna give it a good go she needs to block like 4~6 months over there,pretty much all the second half of 2014 cus she more than likely will launch the album in australia and do the voice for the first 6 months. so realistically speaking we are looking at late 2014 or early 2015 for europe to happen.

so it really is a case of time wise she cant really fit us in .. unless she does it half arsed in which case id just as sooner wait til she has time to commit to us too in early 2015 cus really by then it will be a full ten years of an absence and she will be and pretty much is now a non entity here as much as she is in america. IE is too long ago now and it was just one album. shame but really the reality i fear

#98632 New Article: Changing Tempo

Posted by greeneyes on 04 July 2013 - 05:18 AM

^ It could still happen , I mean if the next album is great and she actually releases the stuff and supports it with promo as opposed to just chucking it on iTunes... who knows what the future holds but I really think it wont be next year .... maybe 2015.... eek... that just sounds horrendous when you write it, but realistically it wont be this year or much of next year, maybe late 2014 at best

But yeah you do wonder has she totally forgotten the European fans ... I mean if you know you have existing fans somewhere and chuck them aside because you desperately want to achieve a fan base somewhere else, that is hard to take...

I personally don't rate the American music scene .it always seems so saturated with the same thing and the charts sure are a lot less diverse than elsewhere in the world and they are obviously a representation of the musical tastes of the masses... in the late nineties/ early noughties it was all hip hop/ rap/ rnb ... now they seem to have caught onto the dance/ electropop thing later than elsewhere and its huge there.. sure ALOT of hugely influential stars and musicians have come from there but there are plenty of artists out there in the world that have perfectly successful careers without chasing American success.. I love Nerina Pallot and how authentic her approach to her music is... it really is all about just doing what she wants to do and she really takes the time to connect with her existing fans.. like she seems happy to plug away and do her own thing.. received an email from her the other day where she is planning her Christmas show (! already) and she is reserving limited places for a Christmas lunch with her major fans .... Im not saying this is practical for Delta or every artist but I just like how she thinks , Nerina gives fans loadsa free downloads and eps in between albums...

But yeah, Delta is pretty hung up on the American breakthrough and I wish her luck and all, but I just think the world is bigger than America...and I think we will have to wait (but we are really good at that lol)

#98616 New Article: Changing Tempo

Posted by greeneyes on 04 July 2013 - 03:49 AM

With regards to Delta disappointing us European fans or our sense of abandonment ..... yeah I can identify with it of course, it is nearly TEN years ffs since she released here... 9 years ok but 9 is very close to 10 lol

But on a personal level, im actually so accustomed to watching her career from a distance that it doesn't actually bother me that much at all... I personally don't care if she doesn't ever set foot over this side of the world again to release music, or if she never tours here... of course, I would love her to release and tour here (seeing her live would be unreal).... BUT I just feel so accustomed to watching her career from a distance that if she does either (release or tour) then that would be awesome , kinda like an added bonus.... I know im different in that regard to others here, who really , really want the releases and tour or even one show over here... and I can so readily identify with your frustrations and after all the promises and empty words, you guys have a right to be disillusioned .... and I hope it changes but it just isn't gonna realistically anytime soon, like it sounds like we are gonna be bumped to the end of the queue for some time... like she has to record the album (we all know how long THAT can take lol) .... she will more than likely do the Voice next year again, and then she sounds decided that America is a big part of her plans for next year ... so really 2014 is pretty loaded there... we could be looking at 2015 at the earliest... sad but true...

It does suck for those of you who really really want this to happen.. to hear her music on the radio here and to go see her live, but at least we are used to this and we will always be able to tap into her Aussie releases through importing and aussie iTunes and that is far better than nothing. I do get it guys, I really do... like Delta was able to come here for the Olympics last summer, she recorded some of COTU here in 2011 and she can so easily travel if she really, really wants to but I think we kinda have to accept she is a non-entity here now and she really is starting from the bottom all over again.... so much time has past. I personally don't agree with the view that America is everything and it certainly doesn't follow that a hit in the US follows automatically into a UK / European one and vice versa ... the work will have to go into it, but a hit ANYWHERE will help her get her foot in anywhere else... that's for sure so let's hope the music is up to scratch and she stands out from the crowd proudly with great material rather than following the crowd