Gurrumul and Delta Goodrem duet at the Sydney Opera House

Inspiring indigenous singer Gurrumul created another stunning musical moment when he invited Delta Goodrem to reprise their duet at the Sydney Opera House.

Without any fanfare or introduction, Goodrem walked on stage to join him on the soaring ballad Bayini, the song which stole the show on The Voice on Monday.

Wearing a glamourous gold gown with a yellow wrist band to symbolise the song’s meaning, Goodrem joined him in indigenous language before singing the English verse.

She thanked him for inviting her to join him at the moving concert for the Vivid festival, before she gave the shy singer a hug and a kiss.

Gurrumul’s heavenly voice had the crowd spellbound for every second of the concert.

His songs resonated powerfully with the beautiful orchestration of the Sydney Symphony.

The compelling stories behind the songs narrated on the screen by family members at his home in Elko Island also swelled the emotional pull of the music.

Footage of the community dancing to these tribal tales served as a potent reminder of the indigenous culture which underpins our national identity.

There was so much beauty in this concert that it was easy to be moved to tears.

Yet Gurrumul and his band mates were all about the celebration of such a special night.

The chronically shy singer who rarely talks to his audience offered a couple of exclamations and a “thank you very much and good night”.

The concert coincides with the release of the book Gurrumul His Life And Music.

If you missed Delta’s performance with Gurrumul on The Voice, you can watch it below and a video of Delta talking about the performance.