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Delta’s albums each mark a specific time in her life

In 2010, Delta has set up home in the Hollywood Hills with Brian, got her P’s, joined Andrea Bocelli on his Asian tour, performed for charity organisations (Stand Up 2 Cancer, Honoring the Promise, St Andrews Crystal Ball), featured on Brians ‘Mistakes’ high-powered video, recorded two guest stints for Getaway, sung a stunning tribute of ‘Earth Song’ with Guy Sebastian for Michael Jacksons DVD launch, sung ‘Breathe, Dream, Pray, Love’ for Jim Brickman’s album and attended a Royal Lunch in Sydney in Prince William’s honour.

Amongst all this Delta has been working tirelessly writing her fourth album expected to captivate her fans worldwide. Delta has hinted the forthcoming album will be ‘raw’ and ‘stripped back’ in favour of big melodies in the style of the acoustic guitar and piano. Delta has acknowledged her previous self-titled album was ‘consciously pop’ and this album will be ‘more earthy, more flat shoes’. Only time will tell, however I am sure this decision will excite existing fans who adore her first two albums Innocent Eyes and Mistaken Identity.

Innocent Eyes – the highest selling album of the decade in Australia – breathes the wide-eyed teenagers insight on life from songs like ‘This Is Not Me’ and ‘In My Own Time’ where she explores the themes of growing up; songs like ‘Predictable’ and ‘Not Me Not I’ dealing with the pain of a first love; ‘Innocent Eyes’ – reminiscing on the past and where it leads you to today. ‘Will You Fall For Me’ is a personal favourite of mine as she songwriting style and amazing vocals show genuine passion and raw honesty as she begs someone to love her. And then there was the unforgettable ‘Born To Try’, one of Delta’s most iconic songs which started it all. With lyrics such as ‘Lifes full of mistakes, destinies and fate. Remove the clouds, look at the bigger picture’ we could tell that Delta Goodrem had a life-long career in the music business ahead of her – taking us all along, her most loyal dedicated fans.

After enduring her cancer battle, Delta released Mistaken Identity – across the board, the loyal fans’ most favourite album. The album dealt with the emotions that came along with her battle – the frustration and anxiety (Nobody Listened, The Analyst), the initial shock (Extraordinary Day), finding new love (Out Of The Blue) and the need to find strength through the hardest of times (Be Strong, Sanctuary). ‘Fragile’ is an incredible track that gives us insight into the person that Delta is and her very real deep emotions that draw you into her. The fan favourite of the album is ‘Last Night On Earth’ – a profession of her love for then-boyfriend saying how she will love him until the day she died – an unfortunate very real possibility when she was fighting her cancer battle. Whilst revealed in the Andrew Denton interview in 2007 that Delta said her time with Mark Phillipoussis was ‘a relationship in print’ and not so serious – it seems the raw vulnerability and dedication to love was a strong feeling on this record and is one of many reasons that Mistaken Identity is a fan favourite.

Enter ‘Delta’ – the long awaited album which became winner of the Australian Highest Selling Album at the ARIA Awards in 2008 and was used to introduce her to American audiences. On Delta’s own admission, it is her least autobiographical album with the intention making a ‘pop’ record for people to enjoy and wrap around their own lives. Like the first two albums, the songs do deal with Delta’s life experiences however there is a much shifted change from raw honesty and vulnerability from the first two albums to a disconnected sense of songwriting.

Nonetheless the album was incredible. ‘God Laughs’ deals with the break up of her parents and the conclusion that you cant control everything but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. ‘Brave Face’ was in reference to the crap Delta and Brian got from the UK Press and how they coped with it (“As long as we keep smiling they’ll never know”). ‘I Cant Break It To My Heart’ – one of my favourite songs from the album – is a deeply emotional song that deals with the denial and constant paranoia people go through after a break up. ‘I wanna think its something that I did so I can turn it back around, If I still believe you love me maybe I’ll survive.’. However the highlight of the album is the opening track, Believe Again – which probably should have been the album title as it sums up the album and pretty much who Delta is as an artist. The song places importance on the value of honesty and the idea that things will get better “My heart was a broken place, now I feel whole again”. The song ends with a mantra “I believe the impossible is possible to overcome” – inspiring her fans to believe again. This was then amplified during her Australian tour where she closed the show with inspiring words such as ‘Free’ ‘Protect’ ‘Compassion’ ‘Believe’ – this song was Delta’s life lesson that she wants everyone to learn. Believe in life.

Now we are moving towards the next chapter. I’m sure she has written at least three albums worth of quality material – however as shown above Delta’s albums are an important work of art to represent herself to her fans. Brian and Delta have hinted that this is her best material yet and the sound will be uniquely ‘Delta’. Its unfortunate that Delta’s image in Australia has been tainted by the media being obsessed with her relationships, her cancer battle, the endorsements instead of a vouching respect for her music seen in other female musicians like Missy Higgins and Florence And The Machine.

Delta will finally be recognised for the extremely talented artist that she is this time around

People have made their mind up about Delta in Australia – many love her, hence her past three albums all hitting #1 and selling very well – but many others don’t give her the time of day. Hence why it may be of Delta’s best wishes to expand globally and gain musical credibility by touring a lot, something Delta has already said she intends to do. As a wise young woman once said, World domination is not asking of too much.

Delta will finally be recognised for the extremely talented artist that she is this time around. When ‘Delta’ came out, there was much hype about her new look and her hair – but now people have seen that, her maturity as a public figure is complete and people will now take her seriously. The core age group of her fans are now of age and so I can already imagine her being completely honest in her interviews instead of being this flawless role model which has led to criticism of Delta being ‘fake’. Yes, Delta is an amazing role model and great person but she is human as well. I think the real Delta will emerge this album and for those of us lucky enough to meet her and know how much of a genuine amazing person she is… it couldnt come any sooner.

It is unknown what the result of this album will be. She has been writing for a very long time now – including her time promoting in the US in 2008 and a Bali ‘Song Writing Camp’ with a high-calibre of other songwriters. However it seems the album will not be too far away with some predicting an early to mid 2011 release. With Delta and Brian dedicating so much time to the releases of their music, it seems their marriage ceremony is another 3 years off. However I am very excited to see what Delta has in store ahead of us as I am sure many of you are too. Happy Times Ahead!

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