Delta Goodrem Strips Things Back to Basics for Next Album

DELTA Goodrem fans will have to wait a little longer for her fourth album. Goodrem goes to LA next month to finish writing her first album since 2007.

“I can’t force it, it’s like catching a lightning bolt writing that song, that song that represents this time in my life,” Goodrem says.

“I’m aware of all the themes I want to talk about, I’m aware of the colour I want it to be.

“I’ve done a lot of collaboration over the years, but right now I’m enjoying writing by myself and just being me again for a while.”

Goodrem has been fixated on Stevie Nicks for the past few years, which has influenced her latest material.

“What resonates with me now is the acoustic guitar and piano. I’m enjoying writing songs that are more stripped back. I’ve done a 360 back to where I started, but hopefully it’s more evolved. I feel I’ve stepped up my game.

“I’m experimenting with different chord changes and different areas of music. I feel I can do anything on this album, I’m relishing that. I feel like the sky’s the limit but at the same time it’s very raw.”

As with all her albums, Goodrem will write and record material in America.

“I need to keep travelling, being a gypsy, having experiences and writing about them. I’m not moving anywhere permanently. I’ll be in LA for a few months but Australia’s always going to be my home.”

Before she leaves, Goodrem will perform with Guy Sebastian at the Sydney launch of Michael Jackson’s This Is It DVD on March 2.

The pair were hand-picked by the Jackson estate to perform Earth Song at the invitation-only event, backed by a children’s choir.

“It was an honour to hear from the Jackson Estate and have them ask us,” Goodrem says.

“Obviously Michael Jackson was the ultimate performer and it’s going to be a special event.

“I’m looking forward to singing with Guy, he’s such a talent. He holds his own ground and I love that. He’s gone through so much.”


I have added a scan from today’s Daily Telegraph with the article. Also check out the edited photoshoot.